Defined Performance | Enhanced Performance

Custom installers require products that lend themselves to the particular needs of the job. Equipment may be installed in cabinets, in walls, in racks, or remote locations depending upon the scope of the job. With regard to interconnect cables, installers need cables that can be utilized in tight spaces, are easily recognized as to function, are flexible, and exhibit a high price to performance ratio.

ProFlex has three series of interconnects (AP Series only available in HDMI) specifically designed for the requirements of custom installers. All interconnects have short connectors so they're easy to work with in tight spaces, they all have color coded jackets so that cable function can be identified without pulling components out to see the jack pak, and they all have performance enhancements not regularly available at their price points.

The Defined Performance Series offers predictable performance at affordable price points.

DP Series Component Cable

Additional features of specific interest to custom installers:
- Connectors that fit securely - limits call backs
- Soldered connections for long term reliability
- Multi connectors bundled for ease of installation
- Color striped braid for function identification

Cables come in Audio, Audio/Video, Component, Composite, and Toslink in various sizes.

DP Series Audio / Video Cable Separate Braiding


The Enhanced Performance Series brings a new level of audio and video clarity and definition that maximizes the potential of the system electronics.

EP Series Audio Cable

Step Up Features Include:

- Gold plated brass connectors for better signal transfer
- Thicker insulation for lower signal loss
- Heavier copper wire (26AWG) for improved audio performance
- Silver plated copper conductors for maximum video signal transfer

All cables incorporate an internal protective sleeve over the solder connection that prevents shorting when the cable is bent to accommodate space challenged install areas. EP Series cables are individually braided and color coded for install flexibility and inventory control.

EP Series Component Cables

EP Series Composite Video Cable