Defined Performance | Enhanced Performance | Advanced Performance | HDMI Repeater

The Defined Performance Series offers predictable performance at affordable price points.

Additional features of specific interest to custom installers:

- Gold Plated plug
- CL3 rated
- HDTV compliant
- Tin/copper wire conductor
- 1080P compliant
- Smooth PVC jacket for easy pull
- 4.95 Gbps data speed transfer

DP Series HDMI cables available in three, six, nine, and fifteen foot lengths.

ProFlex by PROconnect Enhanced Performance Cables provide a 'step-up' solution.

EP Series HDMI Cable
EP Step up features include:
- 26AWG silver plated copper conductor
- Foam PE insulation
- Aluminum mylar spirally wrapped shielding
- Cables 10' and under are braided, over 10'
are CL3 rated for in-wall application
- 1080P compliant to 30'
- UL approved

EP Series HDMI cables available in three, six, nine, twelve, fifteen, twenty-five, and forty foot lengths.

AP Series HDMI Cable

The Advanced Performance Series represents the highest level of performance from ProFlex. We currently offer AP Products in HDMI cables only. The AP Series HDMI is manufactured to exacting standards, and feature silver plated 24AWG OFC. All cables over 10' in length are CL3 rated for in-wall application. All cables are UL approved and are 1080p compliant. AP Series HDMI connectors are die-cast zinc.


Step up features include:
- 24AWG silver plated copper conductor
- 1080P compliant to 40'
- Proprietary zinc die cast plug hood
- 11 mm outside cable dimension

AP represents Proflex's highest level of performance.

EP Series HDMI cables available in three, six, nine, twelve, fifteen, twenty-five, forty, and fifty foot lengths.

Long cable run? No problem.

The HDMI Repeater from ProFlex by PROconnect extends cable runs to 100 feet, and is 1080p compliant to 80 feet when used with ProFlex AP Series cables. The HDMI Repeater is In-line (passively) powered for in-wall application, and comes with the In-wall bracket included.